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a trip to Bardstown... [09 Nov 2008|11:48pm]
We arrived Friday and checked into the Old Talbott Tavern in downtown Bardstown. This place is supposed to be haunted. Angie claims to have heard some odd noises in our room during the night, and this picture features a strange looking light/orb/reflection on the ceiling...

So, we just walked around for most of the day. Bardstown in Autumn is pretty...

Saturday morning, we got up early and ate our complimentary country breakfast. Then, we walked around a bit more before returning to our room to take a nap.

After our nap, we embarked on a 2.5 hour train ride through the countryside on My Old Kentucky Dinner Train. The three-course meal was delicious...

Next, we decided to hit up My Old Kentucky Home. We'd both been as kids but couldn't quite remember the details. This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip...

Sunday, we visited Old Bardstown Village. Here we went into several museums, mostly focusing on the Civil War, and visited the Pioneer Village. Then, we high-tailed it to Loretto, KY to visit Maker's Mark Distillery, which was my favorite part of the trip.

Here I am about to dip a bottle of bourbon in hot wax...

And here's my fine dipping job...

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I'm just sayin'... [05 Nov 2008|10:51am]

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is there something wrong with the earth's gravitational pull? [23 Sep 2008|06:48pm]
Yes, I went to Wal-Mart today...for Rosemary...in a tin.  As I drove to my parking spot on the "supposedly bad" side of the lot (you know, the one that requires you to walk more than two feet to get inside), I witnessed just how far one will go to park just two spaces closer.

So, the three things I took away from today's Wal-Mart experience:

1. The sustained image of lots of processed-food-filled shopping carts being pushed around by less-than-healthy individuals.

2. Said individuals who dared not walk an extra four feet to and from their vehicles.

3. The strong inclination that I should avoid Wal-Mart more than I do.
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charlie... [17 Sep 2008|09:37am]
Let it be written -- on the evening of Tuesday, September sixteenth, two-thousand and eight, Jon Doss viewed, for the first time in his life, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
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for the record... [12 Sep 2008|01:46pm]
Metallica's Death Magnetic is $5 at Hot Topic today.  Also, Metallica shirts are $5 today.
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the world is a... [11 Sep 2008|09:50pm]
My wife and I had just finished watching Raising Arizona when she looks to me and the following conversation takes place:

Angela:  I'm a Vampire.
Me:  Where are your fangs?
Angela:  They're right here.

She opened her mouth.

Angela:  They're invisible.  Do you want to see?  Then we can be vampires together, and we can have a baby vampire.
Me:  Can vampires have babies?
Angela:  Yes.
Me:  But don't vampires stay the same age when they become a vampire.
Angela:  Not if you have special, magical supplements.  Are you ready?
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in defense of food... [03 Sep 2008|09:30am]
I'm getting pretty serious about my health. After reading Fast Food Nation and becoming more active, getting healthy seems to consume a lot of my thoughts (hopefully not to a point that is mentally unhealthy). Last night, I skimmed through some of Twinkie Deconstructed, which breaks down all of the ingredients (chemicals) in most processed foods. It was enough to gross me out, but the scientific processes started boring me a bit.

I also picked up In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan (Michael J. Fox's brother-in-law) at the library. Talk about an even further wake-up call. The premise of the book hinges on these seven words - "Eat food. Not so much. Mostly plants."

Seems easy enough! But what a lot of people miss is that most of the stuff available to buy at a grocery store is NOT food. It is chemicals and nutrients formulated into an edible foodlike substance. These things were never intended for human consumption.

I'll get off my soapbox now. I just wanted to share with you things I'm finding out for the first time in my life (that may be common sense to you already).
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upcoming race... [27 Aug 2008|01:38pm]
The Run for Sight 5K is Monday. I'm stoked. It seems as though my scale at home is a liar, and I'm about 8-10 lbs. lighter than I thought. Also meaning, I've lost somewhere between 10-12 lbs. since I started running.
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C25K grad... [18 Aug 2008|02:12pm]
Tomorrow is graduation day (if I am successful). I will have officially completed the Couch-to-5K program. Supposedly a 9-week program, it took me just under 5 months. I'm proud of myself to have completed this. It may seem silly to a lot of you reading, but getting in shape has been exhilarating to me.
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reasons for running... [11 Aug 2008|10:44am]
My first 5K is three weeks from today. I'm getting kind of excited. This upcoming week is finally our last week of the C25K. What was supposed to take 9 weeks ended up taking me just over 4 months. But here I am, about to be running 30-minutes nonstop.

I may have touched briefly on my reasons for running. I'm not sure, but here's the skinny. One day, I woke up and realized just how lethargic I'd become. When lying on the couch, I found it more and more difficult to just sit up, let alone stand up. I had no energy and was slowly putting on more and more weight. So, I started running.

It has made such an impact in just 4 months. My self-esteem is the highest it's been in years. I feel accomplished. My waist is shrinking. And it's great knowing that it's only going to get better from here.
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too funny... [07 Aug 2008|09:53am]
Stolen from Rob. You'll probably have to click to enlarge it.
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the hill... [06 Aug 2008|10:05pm]
Walking up the hill tonight, and you have closed your eyes
I wish I didn't have to make all those mistakes and be wise
Please try to be patient and know that I'm still learning
I'm sorry that you have to see the strength inside me burning
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running for my life... [06 Aug 2008|03:05pm]
So I was finally able to run 28 minutes straight yesterday morning, and I feel great. We took a week off from running, and boy did my legs need it. We shoot for 28 minutes again tomorrow morning. I hope it's easier than yesterday's run!

Being active has considerably changed everything about me. I feel more positive. I look better. I have more energy ALL the time. I was seriously starting to feel like an old man at 28-years-old.
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attention parents: [06 Aug 2008|10:58am]

Which restaurants are making your kids fat?

CSPI has taken a closer look at some of the biggest restaurant chains in the country and what they are offering in the form of kids' meals. The findings are alarming, with most chains offering meals ranging from 900 to 1200 calories.
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my first race... [29 Jul 2008|07:24pm]
Here are pics from my first race (3K). I finished at 21:49.

My running time since then has digressed. This morning, I could only run for 15 minutes before having to walk. Maybe I'm running too fast. I felt like I was running faster than normal, but every time I tried to slow down, soreness started to creep into my calves.
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Clerance Chuckston... [24 Jul 2008|12:56am]
This will change your life...

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father/son... [16 Jul 2008|08:39am]
My dad's 50th birthday party was Sunday. This first pic is my dad holding a cake that has his senior picture on it. And, of course, the second pic is of the cake itself. My dad, who used to rag me about my "longish" hair, adorned this stylish top in his eighteenth year.

It was a good weekend. I ran the 25-minute run Sunday morning with no problems. This morning, we began Week 7 (of 9). This entire week consists of 25-minute runs. My first race is more than likely going to be Thursday, July 24th. There is a 3K at Kereiakes Park.

So, running is going well.

The Dark Knight comes out Friday. We bought tickets to the IMAX online today for Saturday night. I'm all geeked out for this one. I've got a movie poster above my desk at work, wallpaper on my PC, a screensaver for my PC and my iPhone. What can I say?!?

Speaking of iPhones, did I mention my dad ordered himself one? The apps are amazing.
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running man... [09 Jul 2008|04:00pm]
I just realized that tomorrow morning will be my last run with intervals. Tomorrow's run consists of :

5-minute warm-up walk
Run 10-minutes
Walk 3-minutes
Run 10-minutes
5-minute cool-down walk

After that, it is non-stop running...beginning Sunday with 25-minutes straight. Will I be able to do this? I will be in Muhlenberg Co. this Sunday, so I'll try to run it alone, but I have my doubts about that. Running alone at this point in my journey is really tough.

I did buy some running shorts, and that has made a difference in keeping me cool. Now I think I need to ditch the ol' cotton t-shirt. Don't worry, I won't go shirtless until it's a pleasant sight.
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the move... [07 Jul 2008|11:38am]
LiveJournal seems to be somewhat of a dying breed. Who can blame everyone with some of the other all-in-one sites. While I will keep posting my blog to LiveJournal (which automatically updates Facebook for me, too) for the time being, my main blog will now be at jondoss.blogspot.com. Anything you see there will also be here for now, so if you're happy with LJ (or Facebook), no need to change.
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running man... [07 Jul 2008|10:19am]
I ran Week 6, Day 1 (W6D1) last night, sans Josh. It almost seemed like backtracking after that 20-minute straight run, but I'm going to trust the program and stick to it. The run consisted of:

5-minute warm-up walk
Run 5-minutes
Walk 3-minutes
Run 8-minutes
Walk 3-minutes
Run 5-minutes
5-minute cool-down walk

Running seems to go in and out of being enjoyable during the actual run, but I always feel accomplished after.  Last night's run was amazing.  I loved every second of it.  There was no pain.  No discomfort.  It's something that is becoming more and more addictive.  I'm absolutely looking forward to running in the morning.

I may or may not end up running W6D1 again tomorrow morning, depending on whether or not Josh ran the equivalent on his own this weekend.  If we move on, we are scheduled to finish the program July 31st, which is a goal I'd like to stick to.  If we push it back, we'll finish August 3rd.
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